North Cotes College offers a full range of Biblically based missionary training courses


Biblical Studies

Our Biblical Studies courses are designed to establish you in the foundational truths of the Bible, strengthen your personal walk with the Lord, and challenge you about reaching the world with the Gospel. 

Cross-Cultural Communication

Our courses in Cross-Cultural Communication provide excellent Bible-based training for those who wish to serve in a cross-cultural context anywhere in the world amongst people groups who have not yet heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. With a unique blend of theory and hands-on practice our courses are designed to not only develop your knowledge, but also your walk with the Lord.

Advanced Linguistics

Our Advanced Linguistics courses specialise in equipping you with advanced techniques for analysing unwritten languages. These courses focus on accurately describing the sound system and grammatical structure of a language which will be used in making an alphabet and a dictionary in that particular language. All of this is necessary in order to teach literacy and translate the Bible within an ethnic language group setting.


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