Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Who can become a student?

All applicants must be at least 18 years old. Our courses are available to both singles and married couples who have the required level of English.

Visa Requirements

UK immigration rules have changed as a result of Brexit.  You are not affected if you are a British or Irish citizen or hold a UK Ancestry Visa.

We have college accreditation through the British Accreditation Council which enables us to have international students come into the UK as a 'Visitor' and study with us for up to six months.

What are the UK entry requirements?

  • a passport that is valid for the whole of your intented stay in the UK
  • we will provide you with a letter from NCC confirming the following:
    • you have been accepted on to a course with an accredited institution
    • we provide accommodation for the length of your stay
    • course duration
    • course costs
  • ​you may also be asked to prove that:
    • you are able to support yourself and any dependents
    • you are able to pay for your return or onward journey after your stay in the UK
    • you will leave the UK at the end of your stay

If you have any questions, please contact us.

English Language Level Requirements

All students, single and married, who do not have English as their first language, are required to pass an English exam before beginning their studies at North Cotes College. They should either reach a grade of 5.5 in an IELTS (General Training) exam or pass the University of Cambridge exam, First Certificate in Education (FCE).

For a list of other accepted English exams taken in various European schools, see below under "Other Accepted English Exams".

Information on the IELTS exam

The preferred exam to take is the IELTS, (International English Language Testing System,) exam. In most countries it is possible to take the IELTS (General Training) exam in any month of the year and the results are available in two weeks. (These are the advantages over taking the FCE exam). Prices for taking either of the exams are similar. Exam centres in each country, and more detailed information about the exam and the exam times can be found on the following website:

Information on the FCE exam

In most countries it is possible to take the FCE exam in December, March or June but as the results are not available for 6-8 weeks it is strongly recommended to take the exam by March. Application for the exam needs to be made at least six weeks ahead of the exam date. Exam centres in each country, and more detailed information about the exam and the exam times can be found on the following website:

We have a designated staff member who is able to give you advice on how you can prepare for either of these exams. Please contact us for more information.

Other Accepted English Exams

We could accept applicants if they have taken the following exams within the previous 3 years and have passed them at the required grade. If you have taken one of these exams and have passed it at the grade listed below then please telephone the candidate secretary on +44 1472 387711 to discuss your application.

The Netherlands

The "Centraal Schriftelijk Examen" has to be passed at the following level:

- HAVO students need to have graduated at level 7 or above.
- VWO students need to have graduated at level 6 or above.


The "Abitur exam" needs to be passed at level 3 or above.


"Generell Studiekompetanse" with English in VG1 Studiespesialiserende or VG3 Paabygg passed at grade 4 or above.

The Faroe Islands

"Miðnámsskúla prógv" with English B-Level grade 9 or above or English A-Level grade 7 or above.


A school certificate at level B2 or above in English.


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