Family in PNG

We would like to let you know that after one month on the field, we are so thankful for the CCC course.

The training we received at North Cotes College is really spot on. We have to say, that every module has already proved useful. As we interact with our colleagues and with the villagers we realize that we are just applying principles learnt in Mission Simulation, CLA Local, Animism, Teamwork, Medical, Tech Tips (we just ordered our solar electric system), Contextualization, Linguistics etc. CLA Local was very good because it taught us to be aware of culture 24/7, always being ready to jot a note about the culture etc.

Also Mission Simulation is a big plus - it really got us used to the CLA process. We even thought of the Survival Course the other day. A lady from the neighouring village got kicked out by her family and we had to hike 3 hours before the night fell to build her a shelter in the bush. Finally the family calmed down and she could go back home.

Well, all this to say that we are SO thankful for CCC course!

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